Live by the Lake


• Market Strategy • Re-Brand Identity • Signage Design • Website Re-Development
• Digital Advertising • Drip Marketing • Social Media Planning • Lifestyle Video Development

As this is an existing Reid Homes’ community, the task here was not to re-design but instead to put into place a successful marketing plan and initiatives that find and generate traffic to this community. Although they had been promoting a ‘live by the lake’ lifestyle, there was little in the collateral material that communicated the full impact of living beside a Provincial Park. Drawing inspiration from this vast expanse of nature and all its amenities, we created a very exciting lifestyle video, updated the website, developed digital advertising and social media programs, all with the single focus of securing registrations that in turn resulted in traffic to the site. Success was immediate with over 500 registrations within a few months in comparison to only a handful in the previous year.

Welcome to Live by the Lake, Condo Towns.